Our teachers
Our teachers
Oliver James Potter
Hello, my name is Oliver James and I am a native British teacher from London. I have a CELTA, Cambridge certificate in teaching the English language, and a degree in psychology. My particular passion in teaching is working with younger children due to their enthusiasm, quick rate of improvement, and opportunity for creative classes. I have three years classroom teaching experience at various schools and privately tutor several young students attending the international and English schools around Moscow (EIS, etc).
I have been teaching in Moscow for over a year and find the city to be a rewarding experience. In my spare time I am taking a graduates degree in Economics and am learning the Russian language. I consider myself a sporty individual and enjoy trampolining, snowboarding and martial arts.
Raymond Clarke
Hello, my name is Raymond Clarke, I am from Torquay in the UK. I hold a Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of Applied Science, a semester course of group management and motivational speaker from the Catholic University of Chile, a CELTA and a two-year course on the psychology of teaching from UDLA University.
My professional life as an ELS teacher, began in Germany in 2007 (until 2011), and then continued in Chile for a few years. Soon after arriving in Moscow with my wife, at the beginning of 2016, I started working as an English, Spanish and Cultural Professor at the Moscow State Social University, as well as in a private kindergarten - where I have had the opportunity to teach English to children (from ages 3.5) -. This has been enriching to my career experience and has helped me realize that although children are the most challenging of students, they are also the most rewarding emotionally.
My pastimes are to travel and mix with locals. I enjoy nature, am extremely fond of out-door activities (especially sport-related ones), like reading a wide range of articles and books, enjoy cooking, love animals and to spend time with my family and friends!
Lisa Bashikhes
Hello, my name is Lisa. I was born in Moscow. When I was a one-year-old, my family moved to the U.S and I spent my childhood there. When I returned to Russia I went to an art college ( Moscow State Academic Art college in the memory of 1905) and then to an art university (V. Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute). I hold a BA degree in Stage Design and will complete a MA in Fine Arts next year. I started my career as an art teacher six years ago in an art studio in Moscow and have worked extensively with both children and adults. I am currently working at Cambridge International School in Moscow. I really enjoy teaching. Watching my students make progress and appreciate art is a very rewarding experience.
Jennifer Rudakov
Hello, my name is Jennifer, and I'm from the United States! I was born and raised in New York, the city of entertainment, and I absolutely love what I do: acting singing and dancing! I am currently a teacher at a linguistics institute here in Moscow, but coming from a big family I have a big passion for children, which is why i came up with the idea to try to put the 3 things I love the most together: stage performance, teaching, and children! And hopefully I will be able to spread my love for the stage to the next generation

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